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Promenade in Gandia Town
30 December 2010

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L'Angevine on Xena & Felix on The Cat Tower o(^・x・^)o (=´∇`=)
oh trop bien les yeux de celui de gauche

B. Thomas on Xena & Felix on The Cat Tower o(^・x・^)o (=´∇`=)
Beautiful cats and sweet shot of them.

L'Angevine on Yellow Bougainvillea

L'Angevine on Japanese Iris - Horikiri Shoubu Garden

L'Angevine on Kirin - Sleeping on His Favourite Box
bien perché

Emilio Garcia on Kirin - Sleeping on His Favourite Box
Lucky Kirin he looks so comfortable on his box!

L'Angevine on A Bicycle in The Shade of a Tree
bel effet

L'Angevine on Lantana Flowers

L'Angevine on Barn Swallow Chicks

L'Angevine on Mei - in Her Favourite Sofa
bien l'oeil

B. Thomas on Mei - in Her Favourite Sofa
Sweet shot of this cat.

L'Angevine on Tiny Yellow Spaider - found by the windowsill.
bien à cette vignette

L'Angevine on Dandelion
bien la vignette

L'Angevine on Buri's Big Paws
oh superbe ce cadrage

Haldir on Buri's Big Paws
Very nice!

omid on Buri's Big Paws
:) very nice portrait! Lovely!

Olivier P on Buri's Big Paws
Love this catch ! Well done !

L'Angevine on Turtle Stroll ‐ Kamerin 

Blikvanger on Turtle Stroll ‐ Kamerin 
To me he looks like a happy turtle going down stairs, but now resting a bit.

Blikvanger on Tree Face
You see a face, I see an animal. Great shot.

L'Angevine on Tree Face
bien la vignette

beach on Turtle Stroll ‐ Kamerin 
Looks like he took the wrong turn somewhere.

L'Angevine on Kirin - Birthday Boy (=^・^=)
bien la patte comme s'il pensait

L'Angevine on Chibitan ♂ (=・ω・=)
oh qu'il est trop chou

omid on Chibitan ♂ (=・ω・=)
so cute! :)

L'Angevine on Pink Rose

B. Thomas on Chibitan ♂ (=・ω・=)
This little kitten is adorable. I love the moustache.

L'Angevine on Azalea - After the Rain
bien la couleur

L'Angevine on Mitan♀ - Clothing Change for Summer (=^・^=)
bien vu

L'Angevine on Mint and Tiny Green Bugs

L'Angevine on Swallow chicks
c'est beau

L'Angevine on Odawara Flower Garden Spring Rose Festa

L'Angevine on Kirin ‐ Sound SleeP o(=ёェё=)o
bien là

L'Angevine on Sunbathing Red Ears Slider in The Gandia River
belle et marrante avec sa patte levée

L'Angevine on Rucksack

omid on Rucksack
Lovely! :)

L'Angevine on Paraguayos - Spanish Seasonal Fruits

L'Angevine on White Heron in Hunting Mode

L'Angevine on Feeding Time

L'Angevine on Xena After Taking a Medicine

beach on Feeding Time

L'Angevine on Ikebana Display Exhibition Ohara flower

L'Angevine on Door Knocker
c'est du bon travail

Lilly 2¢ on Door Knocker
Ah, the art of presentation!

Ana Lúcia on Buri in Relaxed Mode
So cute, a really lovely cat.

L'Angevine on Early Morning of The Townhouses in Miramar
bien vu

L'Angevine on Sunbathing Red-eared Sliders in The Stream
belle prise

L'Angevine on Felix & Xena - Yawn

B. Thomas on Felix & Xena - Yawn
Ha Ha! Happy Silly Tuesday!

L'Angevine on Feeding Time

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