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Promenade in Gandia Town
30 December 2010

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Existence Artistique on Ensalada César con Atún
oh intéressant effet

Existence Artistique on The Kaki Tree is Loaded with Fruit.
intéressante recherche

Ronnie 2¢ on The Kaki Tree is Loaded with Fruit.
Love the punchy presentation here !

Ronnie 2¢ on Kibitan ♀ - Hide-and-Seek
awwww . . what a wonderful little face !

Existence Artistique on Kibitan ♀ - Hide-and-Seek

Existence Artistique on Large Shrimp and Conger Eel Tendon

omid on Playful Pancho & Estrella
:))) Amazing shot!

Existence Artistique on Playful Pancho & Estrella
belle prise

Existence Artistique on Oliva Coast in Late Autumn

B. Thomas on Tabby Cat by The Window (=・ω・=)
Lovely shot of this pretty cat.

Existence Artistique on Tabby Cat by The Window (=・ω・=)

Existence Artistique on Blue Potato Bush ✾

Existence Artistique on Autumnal Tints
bien cette vignette

B. Thomas on Kitten in The Balcony (=‐ω‐=)
Sweet shot of this beautiful alert looking black kitty.

Existence Artistique on Kitten in The Balcony (=‐ω‐=)
bon travail

Dimitrios on Kitten in The Balcony (=‐ω‐=)

Existence Artistique on Kabo with Soda
une intéressante recherche

omid on Dahlia Flowers Exhibition
Lovely flower!

omid on Japanese Pampas Grass
L O V E L Y !

omid on Cat on The Roof of The House With Ivy
such beautiful composition, colors, lights & textures! Lovely!

Existence Artistique on Cat on The Roof of The House With Ivy

omid on Relaxation ChibiTan ~(=^・ω・^)ノ☆ 
so cute! :)

Existence Artistique on Relaxation ChibiTan ~(=^・ω・^)ノ☆ 

Existence Artistique on Felix - Sound Sleep (=‐ω‐=)

Lilly 2¢ on Buri ‐ Sound SleeP (= ᵕ ω ᵕ =)
So beautiful . .

Existence Artistique on Buri ‐ Sound SleeP (= ᵕ ω ᵕ =)

omid on Cricket
:) Amazing!

B. Thomas on Great White Heron - Hunting
They are such beautiful birds.

Existence Artistique on Mei's Sleeping Positions

Ronnie 2¢ on Mei's Sleeping Positions
Cats sure know how to relax . .

omid on House Cat and Guard Dog in Benialí
:) :) very nice shot! L O V E L Y !!

omid on Orange Grove in Oliva Town
Mmm...! :) Lovely!

Existence Artistique on Tora - He's in His Favourite Box
c'est du bon travail

beach on Tora - He's in His Favourite Box
And quite comfortable it seems. Funny!

omid on Autumn Darter
such beautiful composition, focus, colors & bokeh! Lovely!

Existence Artistique on Autumn Darter
beau rouge

Existence Artistique on Felix is Relieved to be Wrapped in Cloth

Existence Artistique on Hare at The Riverside

B. Thomas on Chibitan (^・ω・^)
What a cute kitten with his little mustache and black tail.

Existence Artistique on Chibitan (^・ω・^)

Harry on KEY ♂ is Currently being Charged
he obviously ran all the way down to zero so he needs it - funny shot

Existence Artistique on Cat at The Sidewalk Cafe

Existence Artistique on Key's Precious Thing - Orange Snack Container
une intéressante recherche

beach on Key's Precious Thing - Orange Snack Container
What a cutie.

B. Thomas on Kirin's Sleeping Posture
I recognize that post. My cats do it too. Fun shot. Happy Silly Tuesday! ;-)

Existence Artistique on Happy Birthday Cat - Mei (ΦωΦ)
bien les yeux

Existence Artistique on Common Moorhen in The Riverbank
belle poule d'eau

Existence Artistique on Aeshnidae on My Roof Terrace
belles ailes

Existence Artistique on Mix Vegetable Salad with Raw-Ham

B. Thomas on Chilling Felix (=`ェ´=)
Fun shot of this pretty cat.

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